Two Malaysian Tugboat Crews Left Behind the Captain

Two Malaysian Tugboat Crews Left Behind the Captain

TB Meisun. (Photo: Edo/batamnews)

Karimun, Batamnews - A tugboat with a Malaysian flag was found floating in the waters of Karimun Regency, Riau Islands Province, Sunday (20/6/2021). There were two crew members on it.

The tugboat with the hull name TB Meisun was unloaded. The ship's engine when it was found stopped. The Indonesian Navy confirmed its presence in Karimun waters without any documents.

The ship belonging to the Indonesian Navy, KAL Pelawan, then evacuated the two crew members.

"The Malaysian-flagged tugboat was found with two crew members who are Malaysian citizens in the waters east of Karimun Island," said Marine Lieutenant Colonel (F) Puji Basuki, Monday (21/6/2021).

From the information obtained, two crew members admitted that initially there were five people on the tugboat. However, after arriving in the waters of Karimun, three people are known to be the captain, the commander, and KKM left the ship secretly.

Meanwhile, the two crew members from Malaysia were unable to control the ship. So, they hope for help.

Lt. Col. Puji Basuki said that the ship was allegedly carried by the three Indonesian citizens who fled to Indonesian waters to escape.

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