Officers Are Exhausted By Vaccination of Islanders in Karimun Until They Run Out Of Stock

Vaccination of residents on Parit Island, Karimun District, Karimun Regency, Tuesday (15/6/2021). (Photo: Edo/Batamnews)

Karimun, Batamnews - The Vaccination Program to Reach the Islands (Nasikapau) conducted by the Karimun Police has received a good response from the community.

The Karimun Police Satpolairud, in collaboration with the health center health workers and village officials, vaccinated the community on Parit Island, Karimun District, Riau Islands, Tuesday (15/6/2021).

Those on the islands were enthusiastic about visiting the vaccine post.

Some people who registered did not get the vaccine because they ran out of stock vials brought by the officers.

Head of Polairud Polres Karimun, Iptu Binsar Samosir said that the Nasikapau program that was carried out received a good response from the community.

"We see that the enthusiasm of the people of Parit Island is high enough to vaccinate," said Binsar.

Because many people come to the command post to get the vaccine injected, it makes the medical staff exhausted.

In addition, the stock of vaccines brought also did not meet the quantity of all the people who come to the Nasikapau post.

People who have not received the vaccine will be visited by officers again to be vaccinated.

The vaccination schedule will be resumed on Friday (6/18/2021) this week for people in Parit Village and Medaun Strait.

A total of 330 people have been injected with the Covid-19 vaccine in the Nasikapau program on Parit Island.

"This number exceeds the target, and in the future, this will be our benchmark in providing even better services," said Binsar.