Allegations of Anambas Regent's Involvement in Fatal Accident Stir Controversy

Allegations of Anambas Regent

Mobil BP 1 S yang diduga mobil dinas Bupati Anambas (Foto: Batamnews)

Batam, Batamnews - The Regent and Regional Secretary of Anambas Islands are alleged to have been involved in a traffic accident on Ahmad Yani Street, Batam City, Riau Islands, last Tuesday, May 9, 2023, around 10:30 PM local time. Both are reported to have been passengers in a black-plated Fortuner car with license plate number BP 1 S, which hit two motorcyclists, Fajjaron Afta Maulana (20) and Fitri Ramadani (18).

Both victims had to undergo surgery after suffering severe injuries to their stomachs and heads. One of the victims was forced to lose his intestines and spleen.

According to Firman (28), a relative of the victims, the car belongs to the Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Anambas.

He was also surprised that the vehicle's plate turned red when it arrived at the hospital.

He was nearly fooled. Initially, the driver claimed the car was a rental. "The driver initially claimed it was a rental car," Firman told

This case had faded and was untouched by the public, but the victims finally spoke up and leaked information about the parties involved in the tragic incident.

Sahtiar, the Anambas Sekda, did not respond to requests for confirmation or interviews from, either by phone or WhatsApp.

Around 9:30 PM, Sahtiar replied to's confirmation. Anambas Regional Secretary Sahtiar stated that he was not in that car.

"I can't answer your question, sir, because the car you are referring to is not mine, and the driver is also not my driver, sir," Sahtiar told Batamnews, Friday night, May 19, 2023.

According to him, the secretary's car was not involved in an accident. "The Sekda official car is just fine, sir, the Sekda car is BP 6 S, sir, so it's hard for me to answer your question because I wasn't there when the accident happened, sir, we are also waiting for the real information on what happened..," said Sahtiar.

Firman added that several witnesses saw four people in the car at the time of the accident.

Marlon Sinaga, suspected to be the driver, and three other passengers believed to be Anambas Regent Abdul Harris, Anambas Sekda Sahtiar, and Fajri Fahmi, Anambas Regent's Protocol Officer.

Victim Fajjaron suffered a broken arm and cracked hip, and had to undergo surgery to remove his vital organs that were damaged due to the severe impact. Meanwhile, Fitri suffered a brain concussion.

Muhammad Afif, Fajjaron's father, stated that the perpetrators and their companion, Fajri Fahmi, tried to escape their responsibility and left the hospital without waiting for the victims' parents.

The contact left by the perpetrator could not be reached for several days after the incident.

Ipda Viktor Hutahean, Head of the Accident Unit of the Barelang Police Resort Traffic Unit, confirmed that this case is still under investigation.

The perpetrator, Marlon Sinaga, has been examined and detained at Barelang Police Resort. The vehicle used, a red-plated Fortuner, is also being held. Regarding the passengers in the car suspected to be Anambas Regent and Anambas Sekda, the police refused to comment.

"We don't know yet and dare not guess. Later we say it turns out to be the wrong person," Viktor said when asked about the identities of the other passengers in the car.

In this case, there are still many unanswered questions, including the involvement of regional officials in the incident and their actions after the accident. The public awaits justice for the victims and their families.

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