Getting Vaccine in the Middle of the Sea

Getting Vaccine in the Middle of the Sea

Vaccination activities carried out by Polair Polres Karimun to the crew of fishing vessels. (Photo: Edo/Batamnews)

Karimun, Batamnews - Vaccination was held by the Karimun Police Satpolir to the middle of the sea. The targets were fishermen and crew (ABK) of fishing vessels.

As was done on Wednesday (15/9/2021). Vaccine injection must be carried out on board by the health worker who participates as a vaccinator.

One by one the crew members were recorded and their health checked. Doctors also conduct health screenings so that the crew of the ship can be vaccinated or not.

Before the vaccine was injected, the crew members were given breakfast by the officers so that their body condition was fine.

Head of Polairud Polres Karimun, Iptu Binsar Samosir said the vaccinated crew members had just returned from sailing.

"There are 10 ships that have just returned from sailing, so before going ashore, we first vaccinate them," said Binsar.

From one fishing boat, there are 12 to 15 crew members. Polairud targets 100 crew members to be given the vaccine.

"Our target is to vaccinate 100 people for ABK this time. Because some cannot be vaccinated due to several obstacles, such as health factors. But if all ABK can be vaccinated, it would be very good," said Binsar.

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