Every Port in Riau Islands is Requested to Prepare GeNose Equipment

Every Port in Riau Islands is Requested to Prepare GeNose Equipment

Port of Sri Bintan Pura, Tanjungpinang

Tanjungpinang, Batamnews - Every inter-regency/city port in the Riau Islands is requested by the Riau Islands Provincial Government to provide GeNose test kits with more economical rates.

Many residents object if every port in their homecoming activities in the province imposes Rapid Antigen, which costs between Rp. 150.000 and Rp. 200.000.

The Secretary of the Riau Islands, Arif Fadillah asked all port managers in various regions in the Riau Islands to prepare GeNose equipment.

"We encourage port managers such as Pelindo and ASDP in the Riau Islands Work Area to immediately install GeNose tools to anticipate and prevent the spread of Covid-19 which is affordable to the public," said Arif Fadillah, Tuesday (27/4/2021).

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There is a ban on this Eid Al-Fitr homecoming from the central government, but the regional government, especially the Riau Islands Provincial Government, provides concessions for people who will go home specifically between islands, within the Riau Islands Province.

"We do expect the public not to go home for a while, considering that the Covid-19 cases in all areas in Riau Islands have increased. However, this is impossible. For this reason, we encourage the port to prepare GeNose equipment. If there is something positive, it can be anticipated and not spread in the hometown, "he said.

Sri Bintan Pura Port (SBP) Tanjungpinang, he said, is currently installing the GeNose device.

"We also hope that other ports in Riau Islands will immediately install the GeNose device. This is a good anticipatory step if the community will go home to keep their hometown and family clean from Covid-19," hoped the former Secretary of Karimun Regency.

Previously, the Riau Islands Provincial Government would impose antigen and Genose test requirements for travelers between regions within the Riau Islands Province.

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Chief Executive of the Riau Islands Covid-19 Control and Handling Task Force Team, TS Arif Fadillah said this rule will take effect from 6-17 May.