Bupati of Anambas Involved in Car Accident: Allegations of Involvement and Disappearance

Bupati of Anambas Involved in Car Accident: Allegations of Involvement and Disappearance

Afif, the father of the accident victim when met by Batamnews (Foto: Bintang Antonio/Batamnews)

Batam, Batamnews - The Regent of the Anambas Islands, Riau Archipelago Province, Abdul Haris, seemed to have just disappeared. Previously, Abdul Haris's name was frequently mentioned in connection with an accident that nearly caused the death of Fajjaron Afta Maulana (20) and his female friend, Fitri Ramadani (18), on May 9, 2023, on Ahmad Yani Street in Batam, Riau Islands Province.

The Bupati of Anambas is suspected to be the person inside his official vehicle with the license plate BP 1 S. Several witness statements point to Abdul Haris. The car was driven by Marlon Sinaga at the time.

According to the victim's family, the Bupati of Anambas doesn't need to disappear if he was indeed present at the scene of the incident. He only needs to take moral responsibility.

Moreover, the alleged perpetrator is believed to be his own driver. Unfortunately, Abdul Haris cannot be reached for comment regarding these allegations. The questions posed to him were ignored, and phone calls went unanswered.

Apart from the Bupati of Anambas, other individuals present during the incident were the Chairman of the Regional People's Representative Council (DPRD) of Anambas, Hasnidar, and the Secretary of Anambas Regency, Sahtiar. Sahtiar denied being in the car, while Hasnidar could not be contacted.

Muhammad Afif (43), the father of the victim, had an uneasy feeling on that fateful night. He was supposed to wait for his son's pick-up but ended up walking to Bengkong after not hearing anything from his son.

That night, like the nights before, Afif always picked up his son Fajjaron from work at Baresto Cafe, Mega Mall, Batam, around 10:00 PM. Upon arriving at Mega Mall, before heading home, Fajjaron borrowed a motorcycle to drop off his female friend at Mega Legenda.

Afif had to wait. Fajjaron didn't show up even after a long wait. Afif decided to walk home. Later, he learned that his son was involved in a severe accident with Fitri. He was taken to the hospital by the residents.

"After waiting for a long time, I didn't bring my cellphone because I didn't live far from there, so I couldn't contact him and couldn't get any news about the incident. I only found out from my wife after I walked home because of the long wait," Afif said.

The incident remained undisclosed until May 19, 2023, when Batamnews.co.id released the news after the family was disappointed with the lack of responsibility from the perpetrators. The news spread everywhere.

A few days later, after the news circulated, Afif received news that the Head of the General Section of the Anambas Secretariat would meet him. They wanted to meet and have a family conversation.

Speaking to Batamnews.co.id, Afif stated that his suspicions regarding the involvement of Anambas Regency officials in the accident became clearer. Afif felt somewhat relieved, although the fate of his son, who had lost his intestines and spleen, was still uncertain.

The same went for Fitri Ramadani, who suffered a brain concussion. "If [the Head of General Section and the involved officials] come, they should bring my son's intestines. I demand a replacement for his intestines!"

Alleged Involvement of Bupati of Anambas

The whereabouts of Bupati of Anambas, Abdul Haris, and other officials in the BP 1 S Fortuner car have yet to be determined. The confirmation sent to his personal number received no response at all. The police are still reluctant to reveal the witnesses inside the BP 1 S car.

Kombes Nugroho, the Head of Barelang Police Resort, also has not provided a detailed chronology of the incident. However, it is known that the car with the license plate BP 1 S belongs to the Anambas Regency government.

Currently, although still recovering, Fajjaron and Fitri were brought to their home in Tanjungbuntung, Bengkong, on May 19, 2023. Their bodies were still weak, lying in a modest house.

Aron, who was with them, recounted the disastrous night. "I was walking slowly, but the car was coming from the opposite direction at high speed, then everything turned dark," said Aron.

Aron and his girlfriend Fitri were left injured. They only realized it when they were at Budi Kemuliaan Hospital. Their intestines and spleen were then operated on and removed. Afif has spent up to IDR 60 million from his savings for his son's treatment. "I've spent IDR 60 million," said Afif.

The Head of the Accident Unit of Barelang Traffic Police, Ipda Viktor Hutahean, stated that the case is still under investigation and is being handled by the Gakkum Unit of Barelang Traffic Police.

"Yes, the incident is true. The suspect MS (Marlon Sinaga) has also been questioned," he said to Batamnews over the phone.

Regarding the passengers in the car and whether Bupati of Anambas Abdul Haris was indeed on board, Viktor admitted that he does not yet know for sure. "We don't know and can't speculate. We may say it was the wrong person later," he said.

Batamnews has attempted to interview Bupati of Anambas Abdul Haris since May 20, 2023, including contacting the Head of the Communication and Information Office, Hani.

Both of them did not answer phone calls and interview requests sent through text messages.

Disappointed Parents

The father of the victim, Afif, expressed his disappointment with the officials who were allegedly involved in the accident, even as witnesses. Moreover, their whereabouts can be considered "vanished," while his son's fate is still filled with suffering.

"I wonder, what is their motive for disappearing and only resurfacing after the news went viral? Are they afraid of providing support? We didn't ask for anything; we have our dignity. They should also have dignity. I ask, where is your dignity? Why did it take so long for you to appear?" said Afif.

According to Afif, even if the passengers were intoxicated that night, they should have appeared the next day.

"People sober up after a while, right? Who knows, maybe that night they went out and had fun or whatever. But with their clear minds, they should think about the fact that there was a child who became disabled, almost died after they crashed into him."

Afif sent a message to the officials involved, "You are honorable individuals, leaders who set an example for thousands of people. Yet, you behave as if you have no humanity. That's what we experienced, that's what we feel," said Muhammad Afif.

Afif vividly remembers that before he learned of his son's accident, he had to walk home to Tanjungbuntung because his son didn't provide any updates. Furthermore, he didn't bring any means of communication or a cellphone.

The father of the victim, Afif, stated that he learned about the accident from his wife when he arrived home. "My wife was crying and informed me about it," said Afif to Batamnews.

Afif rushed to Budi Kemuliaan Hospital but couldn't find the perpetrators. "My nephew said they (the perpetrators) had gone home and said they had to leave the city," said Afif.

When Fajjaron was dropped off, only Marlon Sinaga, the driver, and Fajri Fahmi, who was mentioned as the protocol officer of the Bupati of Anambas, were present. The two important officials in the car did not appear.

The driver had attempted to settle the matter to retrieve the impounded car from the Barelang Police Resort. However, Afif refused to reconcile.

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