The Achievement of the Second Dose of Vaccination in Batam Reaches 60 Percent

The Achievement of the Second Dose of Vaccination in Batam Reaches 60 Percent


Batam, Batamnews - The realization of the second dose of Covid-19 vaccination in Batam, Riau Islands (Kepri), has reached 65 percent. Then for the first dose, it was 84 percent more. The vaccination achievement is close to the 100 percent target with the target of Batam residents as many as 907,317 people.

Based on data from the Batam Health Office (Dinkes), the accomplishment of the first dose of vaccination has reached 768,216 people and the second dose has reached 591,156 people.

Deputy Mayor of Batam, Amsakar Ahmad said that the achievement of the second dose of vaccination was close to the achievement of the first dose of vaccination.

"This is our effort in accelerating the vaccine achievement target, which is planned to be completed 100 percent next November," said Amsakar, Thursday (21/10/2021).

This acceleration of vaccination is due to the implementation of vaccinations carried out at several points, such as at the Polsek, Neighborhood level, housing, and other private parties. According to him, enthusiasm for getting vaccines is getting bigger, in line with government policies regarding travel requirements, whether by land, air, or sea.

"Alhamdulillah, so far the target is getting smaller, and the achievements are getting bigger. Since the middle of last year, the target has been continuously being pursued, to be prepared to welcome the arrival of foreign tourists (tourists)," he said.

In addition to the general public, the acceleration of vaccination is also carried out among students. Currently, the first dose has reached 80.86 percent or 95,315 students from the target of 117,886 people.

Amsakar also added that the health team is still working to make this vaccination a success. Based on the data, the total number of vaccines that are still available is 143,470 doses. Approaching the end of this year, his party continues to accelerate the completion of this vaccination target.

"It has been almost a year that this vaccination has been carried out. So it should be able to reach 100 percent. So that the formation of the Batam people's immune system is much better," he explained.

In addition, the Batam City Government will survey the immune system (immune) of the average Batam community after receiving the Covid-19 vaccination. This activity is one of the preparations for welcoming the travel bubble.

Amsakar said the survey was conducted by taking blood samples from Batam residents. Then it will be checked in the laboratory.