Coconut Processing Factory Which Newly Built in Bintan is Ready to Take New Workers

Coconut Processing Factory Which Newly Built in Bintan is Ready to Take New Workers

Exports of processed coconut produced by PT Bionesia Organic Foods, Bintan to Europe were symbolically released by five ministers, Saturday (26/9/2020).

Bintan, Batamnews - PT Indo Gemilang Coconut Lestari (IGCL) is a newly built business in Bintan Regency, Riau Islands (Kepri). Currently, the company, which is located in the Bintan Industrial Estate (BIE) Lobam area, is in the construction stage and is targeted for completion by the end of 2021.

General Manager (GM) of PT Bintan Inti Industrial Estate (BIIE), Aditya Laksamana, said this year there was a new investment in the BIE Lobam area. Namely PT IGCL which is engaged in coconut management.

"The investment value of this factory is around Rp. 100 billion," said Aditya in Lobam, yesterday.

PT IGCL is still a group or company with PT Bionesia Organic Foods (BOF) which is also engaged in coconut management. The only difference is that PT IGCL is managed from whole coconuts. So the fibers can be made of various items such as airplane seats.

"Then the water is made into other products as well as the contents of the coconut can be made into coconut milk," said Aditya.

This factory is still in the final stages of construction. It is targeted to be completed by the end of the year and then bring in the tools for its production and operate the machine.

The target is February or March 2022, this factory will start operating and producing. The market share remains the same, namely, to Europe but does not limit to exploring the locals as well.

"For the domestic market share, it will be presented through Indomaret. Because this factory is still in the same group as Indomaret," he said.

The presence of the factory is not only a source of income for the region. But it also opens up new job opportunities.

"The estimation of the first stage will recruit 200 workers. Then it will grow to add more workers," he said.