No New Cases and Death of Covid Are Reported in Batam on September 19th

No New Cases and Death of Covid Are Reported in Batam on September 19th


Batam, Batamnews - Batam, Riau Islands has zero new cases of Covid-19 on Sunday (19/9/2021). This record is the first time achieved in several months during the pandemic.

Not only recorded zero new cases, but the Batam Covid-19 Task Force also stated that there were no additional deaths.
The cumulative positive for Corona remains at 25,727, with an active case rate of 0.31 percent or 81 cases.

Meanwhile, the death rate remains in the range of 3.23 percent or 832 people.

The number of recovered COVID-19 patients is reported to have increased by 19. The cure rate is now 96.45 percent or as many as 24,814 people.

The yellow zone continues to expand in sub-districts in Batam. There are six sub-districts in the yellow zone, namely Batuaji, Lubukbaja, Nongsa, Sei Beduk, Sagulung and Galang.

Batu Ampar, Belakangpadang, and Bulang sub-districts are in the green zone.

Batam Kota and Bengkong are in the orange zone, and Sekupang is the only sub-district with red zone status.

At the urban village level, the yellow and green zones dominate. None of the 64 urban villages in Batam has the status of an orange zone or a red zone.

For the national level, data from the website shows Batam is in the yellow zone, with a positivity rate of 0.36 percent as of September 17, 2021.