Corona Update: Patients Recovering Daily in Batam Are High

Corona Update: Patients Recovering Daily in Batam Are High


Batam, Batamnews - The recovery rate of positive Corona patients in Batam, Riau Islands outnumbered the daily number of new cases on Thursday (15/7/2021).

Data from the Batam Covid-19 Task Force Team stated that 363 people were declared cured on the fourth day of implementing the Emergency Community Activity Restriction (PPKM).

The high number of recovered patients boosted the cumulative cure rate to 14,584 people or an increase in the cure rate to 81.58 percent.

Meanwhile, new cases were reported to increase by 266 cases. There was an increase from the number on the previous day which recorded 213 cases.

The details of the new cases today consist of 192 symptomatic cases, 42 asymptomatic cases and 32 confirmed contact cases.

The total number of positive Corona cases in Batam is now 17,875 cases, with active cases declining to 2,875 or 16.08 percent.

While the number of patients who died was reported there were 8 people. Until now, there have been 416 Covid-19 positive patients in Batam who died, with the death rate increasing to 2.32 percent.


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