Good News, Corona Red Zone Disappears from All Villages Districts in Batam

Good News, Corona Red Zone Disappears from All Villages Districts in Batam

Corona risk map at the urban village level in Batam as of September 2, 2021. (Photo: Batam City Covid-19 Task Force)

Batam, Batamnews - Good news accompanies the daily development of Covid-19 cases in Batam, Riau Islands. There is no longer a red zone in 64 sub-districts in 12 sub-districts in Batam.

Referring to data from the Batam Covid-19 Task Force Team as of Thursday (2/92021), all urban villages were separated from the high-risk zone for the spread of Covid-19.

One area that had lasted a long time in the red zone, namely Belian Village in Batam District, has now shifted to the orange zone with 19 active cases.

Together with Belian, Buliang Villages in Batuaji (15 active cases) and Tanjung Riau (12 active cases) in Sekupang is also in the moderate risk zone.

The yellow zone dominates the spread of Covid-19 cases at the urban village level in Batam. A total of 38 urban villages are in the low-risk zone.

Meanwhile, the green zone is embedded in 24 urban villages located in the main island and hinterland areas.

However, at the sub-district level, the red zone still dominates in Batam.

Of the 12 sub-districts, red zones are pinned in Batam, Batuaji, Lubukbaja, Sekupang, Sagulung and Seibeduk sub-districts.

Meanwhile, Batuampar, Nongsa, Bulang, and Behindpadang sub-districts are in the yellow zone.

While the orange zone in Bengkong and Galang sub-districts is in the green zone.

Nationally, data from the site shows Batam is still in the yellow zone status.