Riau Islands Province First Rank in the 2021 Press Independence Index

FGD of the 2021 Press Independence Index in Jakarta.

Tanjungpinang, Batamnews - Riau Islands Province was ranked first in the 2021 press independence survey sponsored by the Press Council.

The survey, which utilized the Sucofindo company as a surveyor, has completed all stages of the survey in 34 provinces throughout Indonesia. Riau Islands Province achieved a cumulative score of 83.30 beating West Java Province in the second position and leaving DKI Jakarta Province in the 28th position. 

This fact was obtained in the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) event conducted by the Press Council and Sucofindo in Jakarta, Tuesday (8/6/2021).

"We are conducting an FGD today (8/6) to finalize the press freedom index nationally. For the press independence index at the provincial level, Riau Islands Province ranks first," said Emilia Bassar, the head of the press freedom index survey team for 2021.

The announcement immediately shocked most of the FGD participants. Where the Riau Islands province was unexpectedly successful in ranking 1.

Iskandar Zulkarnaen Nasution, as an expert informant from the Riau Islands Province, expressed his appreciation to the Press Council and the Sucofindo surveyor team for working objectively and reliably.

"This achievement is the result of the hard work of all stakeholders in Riau Islands, who have become expert informants from elements of press companies, journalists' organizations, academics, communities, state institutions, and local governments in Riau Islands province," said Iskandar who is also the Head of Division. Public Communication Management of the Riau Islands Diskominfo in its closing response to the survey results.

Bambang Harimurty as an expert informant at the national level, FGD gave a recommendation that the province that is ranked 1st should be given an award directly by the President and then given an incentive budget to continue advancing press freedom in the province.

"I can help so that the 1st rank of the province surveyed by the press freedom index gets an award from the President," said Bambang.

The FGD event was opened by the Chairman of the Press Council, Muhammad Nuh by presenting 5 expert informants at the national level and 15 expert informants at the provincial level.

Freedom of the press in a democratic country is needed so that the press can carry out its function as a government supervisor so that there is no abuse of power.

Broadly speaking, press freedom aims to improve the quality of democracy. With the freedom of the press, the press can convey a variety of information to strengthen and support the community to play a role in democracy.

Freedom of the press in Indonesia itself has been regulated by law. There are two laws governing press freedom.