Two Cargo Ships Crash at Lagoi Bintan Waters

Two Cargo Ships Crash at Lagoi Bintan Waters

(Photo: special for Batamnews)

Bintan, Batamnews - Two cargo ships, namely MV Sinar Solo and MV Taho Australia collided in Lagoi waters, Teluk Sebong District, Bintan Regency, Friday (7/5/2021) in the early hours of the morning.

Head of PLP Class II Tanjunguban Base, Capt Handry Sulfian said, at around 00.30 WIB in the morning his party received information from VTS Batam that there had been a ship accident in Lagoi Waters, Bintan, Riau Islands (Kepri).

"From this information, it is known that the MV Sinar Solo and MV Taho Australia have experienced collisions," said Capt Handry.

The location of the collision of the two giant ships was coordinated 01 ° 15.4575 'N / 104 ° 20. 4531' E. As a result of the collision, the starboard side of MV Sinar Solo was damaged. Then he ordered KN Rantos-P.210 to immediately move to the scene of the disaster.

"KN. Rantos-P.210 arrived at 04.30 WIB and combed to the location of the disaster, no casualties were found in this incident, and the two ships anchored not far from the location of the disaster," he explained.

Capt Handry went directly to the field along with the Rescue Boat crew. Arrive at the scene of the incident at 07.00 WIB and inspect the extent of the damage.

Sometime later, MV Taho Australia immediately stepped on the gas to its destination, namely from Singapore to China, because the ship was not damaged. Meanwhile, MV Sinar Solo could not sail at that time because the right side of the ship was damaged.

The cargo ship is still anchored and the ship is under the supervision of KN Rantos-P210. The report from VTS Batam stated that the two ship agents involved in the collision had coordinated with each other

"We have coordinated with the company to survey the condition of the ship's seaworthiness before sailing back from Singapore to Bangkok, Thailand," he said.