Drug Transactions in Selatpanjang, Three People Are Arrested by Police

Drug Transactions in Selatpanjang, Three People Are Arrested by Police


Meranti - Three drug dealers were arrested by Satres Nakorba (Drug Detective Unit) of Meranti Police, Sunday (14/2/2021). Three of them were arrested at three different locations.

The Head of the Meranti Islands Police, AKBP Eko Wimpiyanto Hardjito through the Head of Narcotics Unit, Iptu Darmanto, said that the three suspects, namely Un (28) and Az (27), are the residents of Selatpanjang Kota meanwhile Ra (24) is a resident of South Selatpanjang.

"The first crime scene location is on Jalan Dorak. Then the second crime scene is on Jalan Manggis, and the last is in Gang Cili, Selatpanjang," explained Darmanto, Monday (15/2/2021).

The chronology of the incident began on Thursday (13/2/2021) at 23.30 WIB. Police obtained information about drug transactions at the location mentioned. Patrols and reconnaissance were carried out.

 On Friday at around 00.30 WIB, the police arrested Un and Az when they were about to carry out a transaction with other people on Jalan Dorak.

"We summoned the head of the local RT to assist in conducting searches of the suspects to find evidence (BB) that was discarded," Darmanto explained.

The officers found a package containing crystal methamphetamine wrapped in clear plastic. The perpetrator put it in a tissue and threw it away. The police also ransacked suspect Un's house on Manggis St. and found a package of crystal methamphetamine wrapped in clear valve plastic, and a glass sheet containing crystal methamphetamine, and a measuring spoon made of paper.

"From the results of the interrogation, the perpetrator admitted to getting the item from Ra," said Darmanto.

Officers track down Ra who is in Gang Chile and secure the man. "He (Ra) admitted that he got the crystal methamphetamine from the AS (DPO) in Pekanbaru.

"We have secured the three suspected perpetrators and all the evidence found for investigation process and further investigation," he said.

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