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Explanation Boss McDermott Batam about Issues Cover and Layoffs

Ray Regan, Director of Batam Fabrication Operations McDermott (right) with a number of McDermott officials, when found, Thursday (18/05/2017). (Foto: Yogi ES/Batamnews)

BATAMNEWS.CO.ID, Batam - PT McDermott Batam's management dismissed the oil and gas construction company was about to close, just barely run out of projects. Nevertheless, Dermott acknowledged a number of employees had been laid off and laid off.

"McDermott is constantly trying to get a new project and if a new project is to be obtained, we always call back our employees," said Ray Regan, Director of Batam Fabrication Operations McDermott, exclusively to when found at the McDermott Office, Batu Ampar, Batam, Thursday (18/05/2017).

Rey Regan was accompanied by Raja Muhammad Amin, General Affair Manager and APAC Ethics and Compliance Teamns and Philip Ng Manager of Asia Area Global Communicaions McDermott.

According to Regan, it has become commonplace, McDermott's employees once the project has broken out, but once the project returns, the laid-off employees are again called.

"For us to release employees after the project's completion is normal and normal, our company will never close," he said.

Ray Regan said McDermott's similar companies work on a project basis. There are quiet and crowded moments. "Depending on the project," he said.

He continued, McDermott in Batam is a major execution center for Asia Pacific and global oil and gas market. Adjusting the number of employees to the volume of workers is a standard practice in the industry.

"Employee reductions that occur can not be dijadika evidence that McDermott will close operations in Batam," said Regan.

According to Regan, the current lack of projects is due to the still weak oil and gas industry in Asia, due to the low world oil prices.

The situation is not only happening in Indonesia but in other countries.

"For us to release employees after the project's completion is normal and normal, our company will never close," he said.

According to the leadership of McDermott, employee layoffs are commonplace even employees also understand this situation.

Regarding declining investor confidence and poor investment climate in Batam, McDermott is reluctant to comment further.

For them local factors are not too disturbing to companies that cooperate between these countries.

"Yesterday just finished a project from Russia now in project work from Saudi Arabia," said Regan.

From the description of the McDermott party when the company is getting a lot of projects he had recruited 8000 thousand employees.

McDermott now has 3000 employees, less than 30 percent compared to December 31, 2016. ***


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