Denmark Aiming at Energy Sector Investment in Batam

Denmark Aiming at Energy Sector Investment in Batam

Representatives of the Danish Embassy with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) during a visit to BP Batam. (Photo: ist)

Batam - Batam Island still has an investment attraction for European countries. Recently, one of the Blue Continent countries exploring investment in Batam is Denmark.

Representatives of the Danish Embassy to Indonesia, together with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) or PT Sanitec Pradana Teknik visited BP Batam on Thursday (9/12/2021).

In the meeting, BP Batam explained the development of Batam development and several projects that have been implemented by BP Batam to date.

Opening the discussion, the Head of the BP Batam Promotion and Protocol Public Relations Bureau, Aristuty Sirait, added the latest Batam conditions. He said Batam continues to develop as a Free Trade Area and Free Port as well as a Special Economic Zone, even though amid the current pandemic situation, investment in Batam shows a positive trend and continues to increase well.

"Covid-19 cases in Batam are decreasing, so this is a good opportunity for Batam to grow by accepting many foreign investors," said Ariastuty Sirait in the discussion.

The Head of the KPBPBB and KEK Development Center, Irfan Syakir, explained that BP Batam has now signed an MoU with investors.

He said that 20 percent of the floating diesel potential in the Duriangkang Reservoir will help supply Batam's energy needs and 80 percent will be export-oriented.

Another reservoir in Batam, namely the Tembesi reservoir, which is the second-largest reservoir after the Duriangkang reservoir, has also implemented an MoU. So far, there have been 11 investors interested in the solar panel sector in other reservoirs," said Irfan Syakir.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Facility and Environment Business Entity, Binsar Tambunan, said that Denmark could seize investment opportunities in the field of waste management or Wastewater Treatment Plants (IPAL). This is in line with BP Batam's plan to develop green cities and smart cities.

After the presentation, the Consulate for the Commercial Section of the Danish Embassy, ​​Jepsen Jacob Kohl, expressed his interest and wanted to find out more about the cooperation opportunities that Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners or PT Sanitec Pradana Teknik will build with BP Batam later.

"Seeing the strategic location of Batam, close to Singapore, which has good business opportunities in the future. Not only that, Batam has many reservoirs that have the potential to become a floating solar system. This is very useful and can save energy,” said Jepsen Jacob Kohl.

Therefore, it was planned to carry out a further visit in January 2022.

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) or PT Sanitec Pradana Teknik was founded in 2012 by senior executives from the energy industry. This company refers more to investing in various renewable assets such as energy infrastructure assets.

Meanwhile, VP Business Development of PT Sanitec Pradana Teknik, Heru Kuswanto, said that with the established track record in developing solar and wind projects globally, CIP can bring projects to operate faster with close collaboration with local development.

Batam is one of the strategic locations intended to develop a floating solar system project.

CIP has demonstrated extensive experience in the field of solar, offshore, and onshore investments, such as cooperation with Vietnam Offshore Wind, Brazil Solar PV, and Poland Biomass.

Therefore, they hope to cooperate with BP Batam in developing a floating solar system project.


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