How TPI Special Class 1 Immigration Office Batam Improving Its Public Service

How TPI Special Class 1 Immigration Office Batam Improving Its Public Service

Deputy for Public Services, MenpanRB, Prof. Dr. Diah Natalisa, MBA, accompanied by the Head of the Class I Immigration Office for TPI Batam, Ibnu Ismoyo, toured the immigration services. (Photo: Arjuna/Batamnews)

Batam, Batamnews - The world has seen tremendous development in the field of information technology, and this development has stimulated the process of digitization in people’s daily lives.

The government agency as an institution in providing public services has been expected to improve the quality of public services by utilizing digital technology.

The utilization of digital technology in public services has considered to be a solution, especially in increasing the efficiency of services by reducing time consumption and various administrative burdens. Seeing the importance of this, the Indonesian Government has issued an initiative to accelerate the national digital transformation, especially in public services sector.

In supporting Indonesian Government initiative, TPI Special Class 1 Immigration Office Batam has sought various digital technology innovations in order to improve its immigration services.

These digital public service innovations include e-Clearance, e-Arrival Card and Si Balon (BAP Online Application). e-Clearance is an application to facilitate shipping agents in reporting and collecting data on ships and its crew that arrives in Batam.

Through this application, the notification procedure of ship departures and arrivals can be done online. By using e-Clearance, the data collecting and reporting process has become easier and more efficient.

Moreover, in order to facilitate the supervision of foreigners in entering Indonesia, TPI Special Class Immigration Office Batam has launched an innovation in the form of an e-Arrival Card application. e-Arrival Card is a new innovation launched by TPI Special Class 1 Immigration Office Batam in the middle of this year.

This application allows the Immigration Office to track the presence and activities of foreigners who come to Indonesia via Batam. With this application, it’s more efficient for foreigners in submitting information related to their arrival in Indonesia.

In dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, the TPI Special Class 1 Immigration Office Batam also made an innovation related to the Investigation Report (BAP) process. The process of the Investigation Report (BAP) which is usually carried out face-to-face, can now be done online using digital technology such as Zoom Meeting and Google Meet application.

With these various digital public service innovations, it is to be expected that TPI Special Class 1 Immigration Office Batam can continue to improve its public services through digital technology innovation in the future.

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