Two People Died While Filming at Bintan Mangrove Tourism

Two People Died While Filming at Bintan Mangrove Tourism

The SAR team evacuates drowning victims in Bintan mangrove tourism (Photo:ist)

Bintan, Batamnews - The shooting activity carried out by a team of photographers and related agencies at Ekang Mangrove Tourism, Ekang Anculai Village, Teluk Sebong District, Bintan, Riau Islands (Kepri), apparently killed 2 people, Sunday (5/9/2021).

The information obtained, the team of photographers consisting of 3 people traveling with the Bintan Tourism Office and GenPi Bintan. They are Wahyu, Benny, and Rio.

The three of them walked along a fairly wide river which was used as a tourist spot by riding a 4-meter long canoe with a Yamaha 5 PK outboard engine driven by a tekong.

Finished along the three wanted to take a selfie. Then they took off their life jackets but unfortunately, they fell from the boat. Two people were rescued, namely Rio and Benny. Both were evacuated from the location and rushed to Engku Haji Daud (EHD) Tanjunguban Hospital. But Benny died on the way.

While Wahyu was not found or drowned. A joint SAR team consisting of Basarnas, Police, TNI, BPBD, Tagana, and the local community searched. 2 hours later at around 15.00 WIB, Wahyu was found, but his condition was already dead.

One of the residents who participated in the dive, Bayu said, he and others had time to search for victims who had drowned. He had dived many times but could not found the victim at first.

"Two hours later the victim was found by the joint SAR Team. The condition of the victim was found slightly bent at a depth of 5 meters," he explained.

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit for North Bintan Police, Iptu Purbowo, said the drowned victim had been taken to the EHD Hospital for further treatment. Then also ask for information from how many witnesses.

"The other victim has been found and died. Some of the evidence has been secured to the Resort Police," he said after accompanying the North Bintan Police Chief, Kompol Suharjono, who evacuated the scene.

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