BP Batam and Lion Air Sign Addendum to MoU on Land Lease for MRO

BP Batam and Lion Air Sign Addendum to MoU on Land Lease for MRO

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Batam, Batamnews - Lion Air Group signed an MoU with BP Batam regarding the addendum to the Batam MRO land management cooperation agreement Aero Technic, Wednesday (14/4/2021) morning.

Lion Group Director Edward Sirait said the signing of this addendum was one of the steps to make his party more flexible in negotiating with overseas partners regarding Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO).

"The signing of this addendum is one step to make us more flexible in negotiating with our partners abroad who are also maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO). One of what they asked for was a foundation or legality regarding our presence in Batam, such as land status and more convincing legal certainty," said Edward.

Edward explained that aircraft maintenance also aims to save foreign exchange as much as IDR 26 trillion per year, and generate jobs of up to 10,000 for the sixth hangar project.

We used to pay other people to do it, now we do it ourselves in Batam,” said Edward during a press conference at BP Batam after the MoU.

The labor required is not arbitrary. According to Edward, the workers who are accepted must have certification and special skills. In Batam, Lion Air Group itself has collaborated with Batam City Polytechnic to accept workers in hangars.

Edward said, currently there are 30 hectares of land prepared for hangars and other facilities with an investment value of IDR 7.3 trillion.

"There are six stages, now only stage 3 for six aircraft has been completed. Our mission is to take the regional aircraft repair market. We are also working on a plan to add another 20 hectares of land,” said Edward.

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