Batu Ampar Harbor is Equipped with a Sophisticated Container Crane

Batu Ampar Harbor is Equipped with a Sophisticated Container Crane

Batu Ampar Port. (Photo: Batamnews)

Batam, Batamnews - Port as sea transportation infrastructure has a strategic role for industrial and trade growth.

Ports can also contribute to the economy and national development because they are part of the transportation and logistics system. Therefore, effective, efficient, and professional port management is needed.

Batam Concession Agency (BP) continues to carry out development and construction at Batu Ampar Port until 2025, both in terms of infrastructure and superstructure.
BP Batam is preparing some steps including sophisticated equipment, namely a container crane for loading and unloading process activities for port service users.

"First, the truck cranes in June have started to change into container cranes, the second port in the north has been auctioned off and will be stockpiled, the third some buildings there will all be cleaned, that's the first stage," said the Head of BP Batam, H. Muhammad Rudi, for a moment after launching the Batam Logistics Ecosystem (BLE) at Batam Center, Thursday (18/3/2021) afternoon.

"The second stage, we will find friends to work together there, because it doesn't stop there, later all the furniture will be arranged and we have ordered all the equipment needed to lift and unload containers, and we have all replaced in December 2022," he added. Rudi is also the Mayor of Batam.

The initial development plan for the Batu Ampar Port is planned to start with the strengthening of the north pier along 700 meters, construction of a container field covering an area of ​​2 to 10 hectares, the old north pier as a multipurpose terminal along 408 meters, and the deepening of the port front pool shipping channel to -8 LWS.

With this short-term development, it is hoped that by 2025 the flow of containers at Batu Ampar Port will reach 1.8 million TEUs and can accommodate ships with a capacity of 3000 TEUS or 3rd generation ships for Domestic Container transportation.
The Director of the Port Business Entity (BUP) of BP Batam, Nelson Idris, said that the strengthening of the north pier through the procurement of loading and unloading equipment at the port is following proper port operational standards.

"BUP BP Batam will procure loading and unloading equipment 2 units of Gantry Cranes, 5 units of Trantainers for multipurpose activities on the east pier, 2 Reach Stacker Units, 2 Top Loader Units, 10 Head Trucks Units, and 20 Chassis Units," said Nelson.

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