Riau Islands Prepares a Budget of IDR 35 Billion for Covid-19 Vaccination

Illustration. (Photo: Freepik)

Tanjungpinang - The government targets the Covid-19 vaccination to be held soon. Vaccination targets are residents throughout Indonesia, including the Riau Islands.

Responding to the central government's plan, the Riau Islands Provincial Government has budgeted the operational costs for the Covid-19 vaccination program of IDR 35 billion.

"The Covid-19 vaccine is indeed free for the public. However, the Provincial Government must budget for operational activities, for example, the cost of handling vaccine distribution to all regions in Riau Islands and others," said Regional Secretary of the Riau Islands Provincial Government, TS. Arif Fadillah in Tanjungpinang, Tuesday (12/1/2020).

Arif added that for this initial step, his party was discussing the distribution process when the vaccine arrived in Riau Islands. This is because Kepri is an area that is all bounded by the sea, different from an area that is one landmass.

So that this is still a discussion of his party and also a question for the local government.

"Especially the outer islands such as Natuna and Anambas, the control range is very far. Whether later including the TNI-Polri for the distribution, is what we are still discussing and this has been conveyed to the center," he said.

According to the central government's instructions, continued Arif, the Riau Islands Regional Government will also begin to socialize the implementation of the Covid vaccine to the public, although it is not certain about the schedule.

"From a limited meeting regarding the procurement of vaccines with the Central Government. And it is estimated that by the end of January 2020, the Covid-19 vaccine will begin to be distributed," said Arif.

The former Sekda Karimun also admitted that he did not know the priority community for receiving the first phase vaccine in Riau Islands.

Arif heard that those who will be prioritized for this vaccination were health workers, Army, Police, and those who were directly involved in handling this Covid.