Police Arrest Birds Smugglers from Malaysia

Police Arrest Birds Smugglers from Malaysia


Batam - After several weeks ago, a magpie-robin smuggler was shot dead by Malaysian officers at sea, this time it was the turn for Riau Islands Police to arrest two smugglers.

They were arrested at Tanjung Riau Port, Sunday (6/9/20) afternoon. A maximum of 90 white-rumped shamas (Burung Murai Batu) was secured as evidence.

Kasubdit Gakkum Ditpolairud Polda Kepri, AKBP Wiwit Arie Wibisono said, this arrest started from information from the public that there would be bird smuggling from Malaysia to Batam.

Previously, Polairud Polda Kepri deployed Taka-3010 Police Ship (KP) patrols in Batam water areas. The team divided into two, namely the land team and the marine team conducting patrols in Nongsa, Batu Ampar, and Sekupang water areas.

The land team conducting checks at Tanjung Riau Port Sekupang found a white Toyota Calya BP 1752 MD that was suspected of carrying smuggled white-rumped shama from Malaysia.

Two perpetrators Aris Fahkrurohman and Fauzan Azima were arrested because they were caught carrying 7 baskets containing 90 white-rumped shamas.

Wiwit said, after the arrest, the police then handed over the bird to the Batam KSDA and transferred to captivity in Sagulung.

"The details are 8 dead, 82 still alive, 1 car with a white Toyota Calya BP 1752 MD number plate," he said.