Putra Siregar Teams up With 650 Ojol Drivers to Distribute Sacrifices in Batam

Batam young entrepreneur, Putra Siregar.

Batam - Batam young entrepreneur, Putra Siregar held a massive sacrifice ceremony (Qurban) on this Eid al-Adha 1441 H. A total of 350 sacrificial animals to be a record of the sacrifice recorded by the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI)

Putra said he would involve online motorbike-taxi drivers (ojol) in distributing. Sacrificial meat will also be distributed to 100 mosques in Batam.

"Distribution uses ojol riders," said Project Manager for Qurban Putra Siregar Peduli, Nurul Syafitri to Batamnews, Saturday (7/25/2020).

Nurul said, there were already around 900 motorbike-taxi drivers who had registered for the distribution of this sacrificial meat.

"So we will reduce the number again, we are targeting 650 motorbike-taxi drivers," said Nurul.

On July 31, 2020, ojol drivers will distribute sacrificial meat in a 1 Kilometer radius from every mosque that has been registered for this sacrifice.

Drivers will not be paid using cash. "Later those who deliver, each gets a package of sacrificial meat, t-shirts, and lunch," said Nurul.

The purpose of using this motorbike-taxi, said Nurul, was to avoid mass gathering during distribution.