Riau Islands Ministry of Education is still Considering Sending Students Home


Tanjungpinang - The Riau Islands Provincial Government has so far not issued a policy related to dismissing schools, related to the impact of the Corona virus (Covid-19).

The Head of the Riau Islands Provincial Education Office Muhammad Dali said that he still continued to monitor the development of the corona virus spread in the Riau Islands.

"Up until now (Sunday) night, there has been no policy issued by the Acting Governor of the Riau Islands," said Dali, Monday (3/16/2020).

Dali claimed to still coordinate with the Riau Islands Health Office to monitor developments in the field.

In addition, Dali said firmly, he always reports and coordinates with the Riau Islands Secretary of State TS Arif Fadillah who is certainly linear to the Governor of the Riau Islands.

"Communication and coordination are still continuing until today. Even now I am on standby if there is an impromptu instruction issued by the governor," Dali said.

Dali needs to know, to take the policy of dismissing schools not in the Department of Education, but in the hands of the governor.

"At the vocational high school level, the center is currently in the UN, where only 3 classes are entered. While classes 1 and 2 are closed.

Meanwhile Acting Governor of the Riau Islands Isdianto said, although educational activities are still ongoing. But all with high vigilance.

If it is known that a teacher and / or student have a fever, cough and sneeze or return from the affected area so that they do not participate in the teaching and learning process until the time determined by the health worker.

"But education activities will be stopped if the transmission of covids has actually occurred in the midst of the community," said Isdianto.

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