Indonesia Enters List of World's Largest Economic Countries

Indonesia Enters List of World


Jakarta, Batamnews - Head of the Fiscal Policy Agency of the Ministry of Finance, Febrio Kacaribu, explained the origin of Indonesia as a member of the G20 countries. One of them is because Indonesia is a country that has a strategic position.

In the last 20 years until before the pandemic, national economic growth has always been above the average global economic growth.

"The Indonesian economy in the last 20 years has never been below the global economy," said Febrio in the G20 Presidency webinar: Benefits for Indonesia and the World, Jakarta, Monday (6/12/2021).

He continued, the G20 forum is the 20 countries with the largest economic power in the world. Recently, Indonesia's position stood at number 16 based on GDP (Gross Domestic Income).

Even so, Indonesia's position is on the same level as China and India, whose economic growth is always above the global average. While other developed countries usually have a fluctuating trend.

"If other countries take turns, sometimes they exceed the global economic average or vice versa. But they are more often below the global economic average," he said.

For this reason, China, India, and Indonesia are the three leading countries in the global economy. Especially Indonesia, which in the last 15 years has had growth in the range of 5 percent to 6 percent.

"Indonesia, China, and India are the leaders of the global economy because their economic growth can reach 2-3 percent," he concluded.