Batam’s Plans to Implement Full Face-to-Face Learning

Batam’s Plans to Implement Full Face-to-Face Learning

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Batam, Batamnews - The implementation of the Covid-19 vaccination in Batam, Riau Islands has almost reached 100 percent. Face-to-face Learning System (PTM) is fully prepared to be implemented.

Until November 19, 2021, the achievement of vaccination was 87.32 percent or 792,2677 people for the first dose of the target of 907,317 people.

The Mayor of Batam, Muhammad Rudi, has begun to consider the PTM (Face-to-face Learning) plan 100 percent. But with the readiness of the Department of Education (Disdik) itself.

"Depending on the readiness of the head of staff, if everything is good this month (Covid-19 cases), it's possible," said Rudi, Friday (11/19/2021).

Currently, Covid-19 cases have decreased cumulatively in October 2021. The total reached 42 people. In November 2021, it only reached 11 people.

He believed that if the Covid-19 case continues to decrease, the PTM plan could 100 percent be implemented immediately. However, according to him, the Covid-19 condition in neighboring countries could be a reference.

"But events in neighboring countries can be a reference because there is an increase," he said.

If in early December, the Covid-19 case remained to decrease, there would be changes, and policies for PTM could undergo changes.

"If it persists like this, hopefully, there will be a new policy," he said.