The Citilink's Airplane Heading to Batam Had to Make an Emergency Landing

The Citilink

Citilink flight number QG 944 to Batam made an emergency landing in Palembang. (Photo: special for Batamnews)

Batam, Batamnews - Citilink QG 944 flight bound for Jakarta-Batam made an emergency landing at Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport, Palembang, Monday (27/9/2021) afternoon.

This emergency landing was carried out because of the act of a small child who pulled the lever of the emergency exit so that the emergency lights came on.

Jadi Rajagukguk, Chairman of the Batam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who happened to board the plane, said the plane made an emergency landing on the way to Batam. At the time of the incident, the plane had only taken off for about 1 hour. At the time, he claimed to be asleep.

“My position was sitting in seat number two, suddenly I was surprised by two flight attendants running behind to the emergency door. I looked back, I saw one of the flight attendants closing the emergency lever cover again, because I saw the emergency lever cover was almost open," he said when contacted by Batamnews.

After that, Jadi asked the flight attendant and the flight attendant said that there were children who opened the emergency door.

"So he has his back to the emergency door where he sits, children aged approximately 6 years," he said.

But said Jadi, at the time of the incident there was no panic. That's because many passengers are asleep and do not realize the incident.

"Because a lot of people are sleeping and the second one is not being told the truth by the flight attendants," said Jadi.

Currently, all passengers have been dropped off at Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport, Palembang. It is not yet known what the fate of the flight will be, but Jadi said he heard that the flight might not be able to continue with the same plane today.

"Because what I heard, the plane's emergency door was considered open. Maybe it won't be able to fly tonight, even if it is possible, it will have to bring in another plane or tomorrow morning," he said.

In addition, at the airport, said Jadi there was already an army force and police party to check on the child's parents. So grateful for the quick action taken by the flight attendant, he is also grateful for the incident even though he has a schedule to attend the BP Batam event tonight.

"Yes, the important thing is to be safe first, even though I was chasing BP Batam's online launching event. But the important thing is to be safe," he concluded.