Batam Resident Can Get Vaccinated by Coming to the Nearest Police Stations

Batam Resident Can Get Vaccinated by Coming to the Nearest Police Stations

Covid-19 vaccination for Batam residents at the police station.

Batam, Batamnews - To make it easier for the public to get the Covid-19 vaccination, the Barelang Police have initiated Precision Vaccine Outlets simultaneously in all police stations.

Head of Public Relations of the Barelang Police, Iptu Tigor Sidabariba said, until now the vaccination process is continuing until further notice.

"Currently, Batam residents can come to their respective regional police stations," Tigor said, Tuesday (3/8/2021).

Previously, the Head of the Barelang Police, Kombes Pol Yos Guntur said, in the implementation of this vaccination, the ranks of the Sector Police were given targets based on the ability and coordination of the Kapolsek with vaccinators and vaccines available in their respective regions.

"For example, the target of the Sagulung Polsek is 200 people, the Sei Beduk Polsek is 100 people, the BLP Police is 100 people, the Batu Aji Police is 200 people, the Batam City Police is 100 people, the Nongsa Police is 200 people, Bengkong Police is 100 people, Sekupang Police is 100 people, Lubuk Baja Police is 100 people, Batu Ampar Police 100 people, Says 100 Polsek, Galang Police 100 people and KKP Police 100 people," said Yos Guntur.

He continued, the public can go directly to the Precision Vaccine Outlet in the nearest area just by bringing their ID card. Then, take the queue number.

People who do not get a queue number can return to the police station the next day.