Covid-19 Vaccination Is Open to All Batam Citizens

Covid-19 Vaccination Is Open to All Batam Citizens

Entertainment workers in Kampung Bule Batam queue for the Covid-19 vaccination process.

Batam, Batamnews - Residents in Batam, Riau Islands can now directly access the Covid-19 vaccination through the nearest health center.

In addition to the puskesmas (Health center), residents can also contact the micro-scale Community Activity Restriction Enforcement Command Post (PPKM) in their respective areas.

Deputy Mayor of Batam, Amsakar Achmad said vaccine recipients were no longer limited to three categories, which were previously set for health workers (nakes), public servants, and the elderly (elderly).

"All groups can do it, they are no longer categorized," said Amsakar after a coordination meeting at the Batam Mayor's Office, Wednesday (9/6/2021) afternoon.

Previously on Friday (4/6/2021), his party targeted to give 50 thousand doses of vaccine to the public within 10 days, now the target is increasing.

This is in line with the decision of the Riau Islands Provincial Government and the central government meeting that the category of vaccine recipients is expanded.

"Our target is 70 percent or around 600 thousand Batam residents, are vaccinated," he said.

Apart from being the main reason for preventing Covid-19, achieving 70% vaccination is a requirement for implementing tourism sector policies, namely the travel bubble or travel corridor bubble.

"While this vaccination is being carried out, the latest report that I received is that 123,000 Batam residents have been vaccinated," he said.


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