Batam to Extend Its Emergency PPKM Until August 2nd

Mayor of Batam, Rudi.

Batam, Batamnews - Emergency PPKM in Batam is confirmed to be extended until August 2, 2021. This was revealed by the Mayor of Batam, Rudi when meeting residents in the distribution of social assistance in Tanjung Sengkuang Village, Batu Ampar District, Batam, Sunday (18/7/2021).

"Nine days, plus another 11 days. That's why it continues until August 2. The letter (Monday, 7/19/2021) will be down tomorrow," said Rudi to dozens of residents.

Rudi said his party did not want the public to give a negative response to the government. "We don't want to get negative issues. The central and regional goal (implementing PPKM) is to save us all," he said.

Rudi said that trying to go to the hospital if he was exposed to Covid was not the main solution in overcoming this pandemic. "The cure is how we can keep our distance (not infected and infect)," he said.

He admitted that the attack of Covid transmission in Batam was now massive. Efforts to insulate and limit community activities are part of inhibiting the rate of transmission.

"We don't know that those who are present here, for example, have contracted Covid. Surely they can infect others. Batam is being hit by Covid in a row. Today alone, there have been 3 thousand positive (active cases). That's all that is detected," he explained.

With the previous emergency PPKM, said Rudi, it was restricted to 9 days, plus 11 days to 20 days of restricted community activities.

Even if there are residents who have the Covid virus in their bodies, even though they are asymptomatic, Rudi said by limiting their meetings with other people for a certain time, they can prevent transmission

"We only know what has been detected. Not yet undetected. Hopefully by that time by limiting activities. The virus in our bodies is dead. May Allah allow this pandemic to pass soon. So for the time being (limit activities)," he said.