BP Batam Hospital Is Designed to Be a KEK Hospital

BP Batam Hospital.

Batam - BP Batam Hospital is expected to have the status of a special economic zone or known as Kawasan Ekonomi Khusus (KEK) in 2023. For this reason, the Batam Concession Agency (BP) is carrying out construction in an area near the Hospital for the Management Agency (RSBP), in Sekupang.

Areas near RSBP were built and arranged, such as Sekupang Pond Park, bicycle paths, and the construction of Deer Park.

The hope of changing the status of the RSBP Batam area to become a KEK Kesehatan in 2023, said the Head of BP Batam, HM Rudi, recently.

"The Batam RSBP area and the roadside to the area will be worked on. I want 2023 hospitals to become international hospitals in KEK," said Rudi.

With the KEK status, it will make it easier for the hospital to update its medical equipment. "It will be regulated so that all medical goods and devices can be imported directly. It can be imported directly from Singapore," hoped Rudi.

Previously, Rudi conveyed, with the construction of the KEK Kesehatan, people all over Sumatra, no longer cross to neighboring countries, to seek treatment.

"If the Coordinating Minister (for the Economy) has given it, there is no need to pay a fortune for medical treatment. Hopefully, all Sumatra can come here," he hoped again.

It is planned that the KEK Kesehatan area will be around 42 hectares in Sekupang. All services to health facilities will be built and prepared, with international standards.