SAR Team Successfully Tracks Down the Missing Natuna Fishing Boat

SAR Team Successfully Tracks Down the Missing Natuna Fishing Boat


Natuna - After losing contact at sea, the Natuna fishing boat was finally tracked by a rescue team from the Natuna Search and Rescue Office (KPP) on Thursday (14/1/21).

Previously, the ship lost contact while sailing from Paloh, Sambas Regency, West Kalimantan Province to Serasan District, Natuna Regency, Riau Islands Province.

The head of KPP Natuna (Basarnas), Mexianus Bekabel, said that the ship's position is currently on Merendam Island, Serasan District. The island is a coral island which is the place to take shelter and the big waves and extreme weather that occurs in the sea.

"The ship and its passengers, cannot continue the journey. The wind was strong and the skipper took the initiative to dock and wait for the calm weather," said Mexi.

He received this information after previously coordinating with the Sea Transportation Service, Natuna Regency, Serasan District Head, Nibung Village Head, Paloh District, and several fishing communities in Serasan District.

"Just now we can confirm that the ship has been found and is on the island of Merendam, Serasan. Because of the extreme weather, they took shelter on the island," said Mexi.

It is known that the fishing boat also contained identified passengers named Adi (40), Tarju'in (58), and Sapriadi (32). A resident of Air Riangau Village, East Serasan District, and Natuna. While Safari (40) is a resident of Nibung Village, Paloh District, Sambas.

The ship was supposed to have arrived in Serasan by Tuesday afternoon, as the estimated journey took 6 hours.

Regarding this case, Mexianus appealed to the public to refrain from traveling by sea at this time. Especially using a fishing boat that either has a small and large capacity.

He also appealed to the Harbormaster to help monitoring boats or fishing boats so they don't sail in the current extreme weather season.

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