Today, 6,000 Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine Are Distributed to Batam

Today, 6,000 Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine Are Distributed to Batam


Batam - The distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine will arrive in Batam on Tuesday (12/1/2021). A total of 6,000 doses of vaccine will be delivered from Tanjungpinang.

Head of Batam Health Office, Didi Kusmarjadi, said that in this first stage, vaccination will target all health workers (health workers).

Currently, 5,700 health workers have been recorded. Of the 6,000 doses in this first batch, there are still 300 health workers left. Didi said it was intended for health workers who had not been registered.

Regarding the implementation of the vaccination scheduled for January 14, 2021, Didi did not confirm that the vaccination process will be on schedule.

He said he was still waiting for an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM). " We still waited for the EUA from BPOM. Yesterday afternoon it came out. We waited for that first," he said.

The plan for the implementation of the Covid-19 vaccination in Batam will be carried out in 4 stages. This is in accordance with the roadmap of the WHO Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (SAGE) as well as the study of the National Immunization Expert Advisory Committee.

In the first stage, the targets are health workers, assistant health workers, support staff, and students who are currently undergoing medical education who work in health service facilities.

Then the second stage is targeting public service officers. The third stage targets vulnerable people from geospatial, social, and economic aspects.

Finally in the fourth stage, targeting the community and other economic actors with a cluster approach according to the availability of vaccines.