Two Prisoners of Batu Aji Police Headquarters Reportedly Escaped

Illustration. (Photo: Pinterest)

Batam - Two detainees from the Batu Aji Police detention in Batam, Riau Islands were reported to have escaped on Friday (1/8/2021).

From the information obtained by Batamnews, the detainees escaped by breaking through the air vents of the Police detention cell.

One reliable source in the police said that after successfully breaking through the vent, the two prisoners easily escaped and climbed over the back wall of the fence. "Blurring through the vent," said a Batamnews source.

Currently, unit 1 of the Barelang Police Criminal Investigation Unit is conducting an investigation and chasing.

The identity of the detainee is not yet known. This is not the first case of detainees escaping Batu Aji Police detention.

It is known that in 2009, there were 11 detainees escaped. In 2015 as many as 7 detainees escaped in the same way.

Batamnews is still waiting for an official statement from the Batu Aji Police and Barelang Police regarding the escape of the 2 detainees.