Unidentified Corpse Found Rotting in Bengkong

Unidentified Corpse Found Rotting in Bengkong

Police evacuate anonymous bodies in the Bengkong sea, Batam. (Photo: Reza / Batamnews)

Batam - An unidentified male corpse was found floating in the water area of Tanjung Buntung, Bengkong District, Batam on Thursday (24/12/2020) at 15.30 WIB.

The corpse was found facedown in white pants with black lesions.

Bengkong police chief, AKP Yuhendri confirmed the discovery of the corpse. He said, based on reports from residents who had finished fishing, a corpse was found lying rotting by the sea.

After receiving this information, the police immediately headed to the location to evacuate.

"After getting information from residents, we immediately check it at the location," Yuhendri told Batamnews, Friday (25/12/2020).

He explained that the corpse was found and have started to rot with no identity attached to the body. The body of the corpse also began to swell, the condition of the face was also difficult to identify because it was thought to have died a few days ago.

Currently, the police still investigate the identity and family of the corpse by taking him to the Bhayangkara Police hospital for a post mortem first.

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