Batam District Court Verdicts 3 Drug Defendants from Malaysia with Death Sentence


Batam - Three foreign nationals from Malaysia were sentenced to death by the Panel of Judges at the Batam Court (PN), Monday (23/11/2020). The three death row inmates were Kumar Atchababoo, Rajandran Ramasamy, and Sanggat Ramasamy.

The three were convicted of committing crimes smuggling narcotics in the type of methamphetamine (Amphetamine). The three of them were arrested on January 12, 2020, in sea waters around Putri Island, Nongsa, Batam, Riau Islands. Evidence was secured in the form of 28.6 kg of methamphetamine narcotics.

Initially, Kumar was offered by Ali who was on the People Wanted List (DPO) to find someone who wanted to take the two bags of drugs to Indonesia, precisely to Palembang by sea.

In December 2019, Kumar contacted Sanggar to accompany him in a drug transaction. Sanggar then asked Rajandran and took the role of finding the ship's owner.

Richard Rando Sidabutar as the third convicted attorney said he would consider an appeal.

"The possibility of an appeal, because the trial was online, so we cannot communicate directly," said Richard.