15 People Quarantined in Natuna are Positive Covid


Natuna - The Natuna Covid-19 Task Force Team released 8 positive cases on Wednesday (11/11/2020). They were listed as Patients 09-16.

A spokesperson for the Natuna Task Force, Hikmat Aliansyah, said the addition was after they sent 28 swab samples last Saturday.

"Eight positive cases. Two health workers from Batubi Puskesmas, TGS, and GN. Then one from Bunguran Tengah Puskesmas, EL, and two health workers at Puskesmas Ranai, ADM, and JK (a doctor). While the rest are residents of Ranai Ys and JJ who are close contacts with positive patient LP, "explained Hikmat.

"The team will carry out contact tracing regarding people who had contact with confirmed cases. The current problem was that today's new VTM (virus transport media) material has arrived. Tomorrow, we will do a swab test", said Hikmat.

Thus the cumulation of positive Covid cases that occurred in Natuna has reached 16 cases. Of which 1 case was declared dead