Riau Islands Governor Isdianto is Positive Corona

Riau Islands Governor Isdianto is Positive Corona

Governor of the Riau Islands, Isdianto.

Tanjungpinang - Governor of the Riau Islands, Isdianto was confirmed positive COVID after undergoing a swab test after the tracing contact was carried out by the Task Force Team. This was after a personal bodyguard (walpri) governor was tested positive.

Isdianto said that his condition so far was fine. The news regarding the results of the swab was acknowledged by Isdianto delivered directly by the Head of the Center for Environmental Health and Disease Control Engineering (BTKL-PP) in Batam to him.

"My condition, thank God, it's fine. The people don't need to worry. I also make sure government administration activities will still run," Isdianto said when contacted by Batamnews on Friday (7/31/2020) night.

Governor Isdianto may have been infected by his personal bodyguard (walpri). During the inauguration at the State Palace, Isdianto's bodyguard, with initial DPS, did not participate in the state palace.

Besides DPS, the presence of another bodyguard, initial HU, was also confirmed positive today.

The Acting Head of the Riau Islands Health Office, Tjetjep Yudiana, said there was a strong suspicion that the source of transmission was from his bodyguard DPS.

"He had a chance to go to Medan and directly to Jakarta at that time to join the group (the definitive inauguration ceremony for the governor)," said Tjetjep.

While in Jakarta, DPS reportedly had a fever. "When in Jakarta, the concerned person had a fever. But because he did not enter the palace, so at that time he was not tested for swab with other groups," said Tjetjep.

Suspected transmission occurred during a photo session at the hotel, before returning to Tanjungpinang.

At present hundreds of people including Riau Islands officials and other parties who have participated in the governor's welcoming activities at the airport until several other activities undergo swab tests for the next few days.