Fake 'Pocong' Ghost Scares Batam Doctor, Sparks Safety Concerns and Police Investigation


A Batam-based doctor, Dr. Hengky SPOG, experienced a startling event on his way home from work in the Kabil area on Thursday evening (Foto: Batamnews)

Batam, Batamnews - A Batam-based doctor, Dr. Hengky SPOG, experienced a startling event on his way home from work in the Kabil area on Thursday evening. On Friday, May 25, 2023, while passing through the area, Dr. Hengky was startled to see a figure resembling a pocong - a type of ghost in Indonesian folklore.

Intrigued and disbelieving what he was seeing, Dr. Hengky decided to circle back and examine the figure more closely. Upon closer inspection, the figure turned out to be a mannequin deliberately dressed to resemble a pocong.

Reacting to the event, Dr. Hengky swiftly urged those responsible not to engage in such actions. According to him, these actions can be very dangerous to drivers who are surprised, potentially causing accidents on the road.

"I want to remind the perpetrator that actions like these are very dangerous. Drivers passing through at night might be startled and lose concentration, potentially causing serious accidents," Dr. Hengky said.

Dr. Hengky also expressed the possibility that this fake pocong doll may be the work of criminals intending to act. He called on the authorities to take immediate action against the perpetrator to prevent similar incidents in the future.

"The possibility that this is the act of criminals must also be considered. I hope that the authorities can quickly identify and take action against the perpetrator to ensure the safety of the public," added Dr. Hengky.

This incident has raised concerns among the local community, especially for drivers passing through at night. The local police have received a report about this incident and are conducting an investigation to uncover the motive behind the placement of the fake pocong doll.

In this regard, the Nongsa Police Sector has urged the public to remain calm and vigilant in dealing with unusual situations. The Nongsa Police Sector will investigate the matter. "Thank you for the information," said the official account of the Nongsa Police Sector.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hengky reiterated his warning to the perpetrator not to engage in actions that could endanger the safety of others. He hopes similar incidents will not recur and that people can feel safe when traveling on the road.

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