Mayor of Batam Plans for The Travel Bubble to be Postponed

Mayor of Batam Plans for The Travel Bubble to be Postponed

Illustration. (Photo: Travel Daily)

Tanjungpinang, Batamnews - The plan for implementing a travel bubble for foreign tourists in Riau Islands has been prepared by the Riau Islands Provincial Government.

However, the Batam Government through the mayor, Rudi, asked the travel bubble to be postponed. This was because the potential for transmission of Covid cases still needs to be watched out for.

Rudi wants all Batam residents to be vaccinated before implementing the travel bubble.

Meanwhile, Ansar Ahmad, Governor of Riau Islands previously stated that he would immediately reopen access for foreign tourists with the travel bubble scheme in Riau Islands.

Regarding the request for postponement by the Mayor of Batam, Ansar admitted that he had not received an official letter.

However, according to him, the proposed postponement is legitimate, because this policy was designed by the central government.

"I think that's the central government's policy. The question of asking for a delay is legal and please submit an official letter," said Ansar at the Regional Building, Tanjungpinang, Thursday (14/10/2021)

Ansar added calculations from regencies and cities were awaited. So that it will be known how many people can be vaccinated and cannot be vaccinated.

"We received reports from Karimun Regency that there are as many as 30 thousand people who are no longer live in Karimun. For that we are waiting for letters from the Regency and City regarding this matter so that it can be known so that we can reduce it so that it can reach 100 percent," he insisted.

Previously reported, the Mayor of Batam, Muhammad Rudi asked for the application of the travel bubble to be postponed until the implementatio of the Batam Covid-19 vaccination was 100 percent.