The Price of Bird Nest Swallow Has Fantastically Reached Tens of Millions per Kilogram

The Price of Bird Nest Swallow Has Fantastically Reached Tens of Millions per Kilogram

Birds nest Swallow belonging to a Bintan entrepreneur to be sent to Batam for export (Photo: Ary/Batamnews)

Bintan, Batamnews - The Tanjunguban Agricultural Quarantine Certification Service Office (Wilker) was recently visited by a wallet house entrepreneur. The entrepreneur reports the harvest of the Bird's Nest Swallow (SBW) before sending it to Batam for export purposes abroad.

Tanjungpinang Agricultural Quarantine Head, Raden Nurcahyo Nugroho confirmed the existence of a wallet house entrepreneur who reported the results of the SBW to the Tanjunguban Wilker Agricultural Quarantine Office. The entrepreneur wants the SBW from the wallet home that has a health certificate.

"The owner of the wallet house does not process or clean the SBW. However, the SBW will be cleaned and packaged by the buyer in Batam, before being exported. So that the SBW is guaranteed health, it must have a health certificate, so it can also be sent to Batam," said Raden Nurcahyo, yesterday.

Although the number of SBW sent to Batam is small, the price is exorbitant. Based on the owner's information, said Nurcahyo, the price of SBW per kilogram starts from tens of millions and even tens of millions, it depends on the quality. These commodities are sent between islands with the final destination for the export.

"It turns out that the price of SBW can penetrate tens of millions per kilogram," he explained.

The Agricultural Quarantine Party strongly supports regional agricultural products or products that can penetrate the domestic market or export to various countries. However, you must still have a health certificate.

According to Nurcahyo, animal product health certificates issued by quarantine officials are not only used as health and safety guarantees but also as data to support the search for agricultural commodities.

By reporting agricultural commodities to be removed from the production area. This will make it easier to trace the origin.

"There is no minimum amount to report agricultural commodities to be trafficked. A little or a lot of agricultural commodities that you bring or send must be accompanied by a health certificate and reported to quarantine officials at the entry/export point of goods," he said.

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