End of July, New Covid-19 Positive Cases in Batam Drop Drastically

End of July, New Covid-19 Positive Cases in Batam Drop Drastically


Batam, Batamnews - The Covid-19 case in Batam, Riau Islands shows an encouraging trend. The rate of growth of positive cases of Corona continues to decline.

End of July 2021, the Batam Covid-19 Task Force Team released the latest data on Corona cases as of Saturday (31/7/2021).

The number of new positive cases of Corona dropped dramatically and reported as many as 170 cases today. This number is the lowest in recent weeks.

The total number of positive Covid-19 cases in Batam is now 23,238 cases, with active cases now reaching 10.52 percent or as many as 2,445 people.

Meanwhile, the cure rate also increased to 86.82 percent or 20,177 people along with the increase in recovered patients as many as 159 people.

However, the patient mortality rate still cannot be suppressed. It was recorded that 19 positive Covid-19 patients were reported to have died.

The death rate increased to 2.64 percent or as many as 616 people.

Despite the decline in new cases, the number of isolated patients has increased.

It was recorded that of the 2,445 active cases, there were 1,938 people undergoing isolation. A total of 1,798 people have undergone self-isolation, and 140 have served in the integrated quarantine of the Hajj Dormitory.

The non-isolated patients are being treated at several referral hospitals.