Lobster Seeds Worth Rp 1.3 Billion Failed To Be Smuggled Through Hang Nadim Airport

Lobster seeds worth Rp 1.3 billion failed to be smuggled from Batam. (Photo: ist)

Batam, Batamnews - The attempt to smuggle lobster seeds through Hang Nadim Airport, Riau Islands was thwarted by Batam Customs and the Batam Fish Quarantine, Quality Control, and Fishery Products Security Agency (BKIPM).

Head of the Batam Customs Main Service Office, Susila Brata said that this case was revealed more than a week ago, to be exact on Saturday (29/5/2021).

The disclosure began with checking officers who unloaded aircraft cargo on the Surabaya - Batam route.

"At 09.30 WIB, officers found suspected items and carried out an X-ray examination," said Susila Brata, Monday (7/6/2021).

From the results of the inspection of the goods, suspicious packages were found in plastic gallons hidden in bamboo baskets.

The evidence that was secured was sand lobster seeds in 5 long transparent plastic bags and 13 small plastic bags and pearl lobster seeds stored in long plastic bags.

After counting, the total number of sand lobster seeds was 12,929, Mutiara lobster seeds were 97 with an estimated value of Rp 1,307,450,000.

"The suspect is still being sought and the evidence has been handed over to BKIPM Batam," concluded Susila.