Indian Girl Commits Suicide in Batam

The body of TV, an Indian girl who committed suicide was evacuated by the police and taken to the BP Batam Hospital. (Photo: ist)

Batam - A girl from India committed suicide at her house, Sukajadi Housing, Batam. Her body was found on Thursday (11/19/2020) at around 6 am.

The girl's identity was known with the initials TV. She was only 17 years old on 26 December.

Sridhar Kenguva, one of the witnesses said that he was contacted by Vinodkumar Ramashankar, the father of TV.

"I went to his house and when I got to the location his father said his daughter had died hanging herself in the room," said Sridhar in a statement to Batam police.

Based on Vinodkumar's confession, Sridhar said that TV entered the room at around 00.30 WIB and in the morning at around 06.30 WIB it was found that the girl was hanging in the room using a scarf and rope.

Parents of TV immediately put their child down and lay down on the bed. Sridhar then contacted the police.

The police who received the report then went to Vinodkumar's house on Jalan Kaktus Tiang, Sukajadi Housing.

When they arrived, the police found the TV's body lying on the mattress and lowered by the family.

The girl's body was then taken to the BP Batam Hospital for further examination.


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