Is it Safe for Batam to Open Its International Port?

Is it Safe for Batam to Open Its International Port?

Batam Centre International Ferry Terminal.

Batam - The Mayor of Batam, Muhammad Rudi asked for special services for Covid-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests carried out for every person passing by at an international port.

This is done in preparation for the opening of the international entrance, following the City of Batam has entered the yellow zone. "Our target is that the port can be opened," said Rudi, Tuesday (6/30/2020).

Rudi said that Batam had 3 PCR machines, so according to him there was a chance that one machine would be used for swab testing for everyone at the port.

Based on the Circular Letter of the Task Force for the Acceleration of Covid-19 Handling, everyone traveling abroad is obliged to carry out PCR tests if they do not bring a negative swab certificate from the country concerned.

"So we want to sit with the BTKLPP, if there is a suspect, a swab test can be immediately taken immediately and checked," he said.

But he wants that the PCR test can be done quickly, and does not need to queue for days to find out the results. If necessary, said Rudi, the results can be known in a matter of hours.

"I want one hour to finish, or if possible 5 hours, so it won't be long to wait if this is only known after 3 days," he said

If the preparations have been made and Batam has become a green zone, then of course Batam can submit a letter to the Singaporean Government to open an international port.

"If we make it to Singapore, there must be an agreement to do it according to the procedure," he said.

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