Seraya Village The Biggest Cluster in Batam

Seraya Village The Biggest Cluster in Batam


Batam - Seraya Village, Batu Ampar is the now largest cluster of Corona virus in Batam City, Riau Islands. So far, there are 25 villagers who were tested positive for Covid-19.

Since a week ago, the number of Seraya Village residents exposed to Corona has continued to increase. From the tracing process of positive patients from Covid-19, there were 9 villagers who were confirmed positive for Corona.

In addition, the total number of residents of Seraya Village who were tested positive of Covid-19 is 25 patients.

Head of the Batam City Health Office, Didi Kusmarjadi, said that tracing efforts were still being carried out in Kampung Seraya. The result was 38 people who showed reactive during the Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT).

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Batam, HM Rudi admitted that a significant surge of positive Covid-19 patients in Batam was inseparable from the tracing effort.

"Positive patients are multiplying, I made them, because of tracing, so we can get which people are sick, which have been in contact with positive patients before," said Rudi in Engku Putri.

Rudi claimed the tracing effort was only carried out in Batam City, no other area had done that. So according to him it's natural if there is a surge of positive patients.

"DKI Jakarta alone does not do it (tracing), Batam is the only one," he said.

So, during the transition to new normality in Batam, Rudi emphasized that he would continue to conduct sweeping. New Normal itself will be held in Batam on June 15, 2020.

"In the future we will coexist with Covid-19, but not until Covid-19 governs our lives," he advised.