AMSI in Sumatra Gather in Batam For Prebunking Training and Regional Coordination Meeting

AMSI in Sumatra Gather in Batam For Prebunking Training and Regional Coordination Meeting

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Batam, Batamnews - The Asosiasi Media Siber Indonesia or AMSI (AMSI- Indonesian Cyber Media Association) will hold a pre-bunking training and Rapat koordinasi wilayah or Rakorwil (Rakorwil- Regional coordination meeting) Sumatra region in Batam City.

This activity will be held for 3 days, starting Monday (14/11/2022) to Wednesday (16/11) at the Santika Batam Center Hotel.

The Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Hasrullah, said that the prebunking training will be attended by 27 participants who are delegates from AMSI media members in Sumatra.

"The participants are delegates from 6 AMSI regions, namely Aceh, West Sumatra, North Sumatra, Riau, South Sumatra, and also from the host AMSI Riau Islands," he said.

The prebunking training will bring in two prebunking trainers from AMSI, Junaidi, and Tasmalinda. Then a social media trainer, Budi Putra.

"In addition to Pre-Bunking training, AMSI will also provide introductory training for Debunking and Social Media Training to the production of prebunking content," said the Secretary of the Riau Islands AMSI.

The Chairman of the Riau Islands AMSI, Charles Sitompul, as the host, added that the pre-bunking training is an advanced program from in collaboration between the Mayarakat Anti Fitnah Indonesia or Mafindo (Mafindo- Indonesian Anti-Fake Slander Society), the Aliansi Jurnalis Independen or AJI (AJI- Alliance of Independent Journalists) and the Indonesian Cyber Media Association (AMSI). Google News Initiative supports this initiative.

This program encourages the prevention and suppression of the spread of hoaxes that have been widespread in the middle of easy information dissemination.

Moreover, with the upcoming 2024 elections, this program will strengthen fact-checkers in all regions in Indonesia.

"Through this training, it is hoped that the local media Fact Check team will become stronger and be able to produce Pre-Bunking content and other content related to fact-checking and have the right strategy in distributing these contents on social media," Charles explained.

In addition to the pre-bunking training, a Regional Coordination Meeting will be held, which will be attended by the heads of AMSI regions in Sumatra.

In addition to the training, AMSI Sumatra Region will hold a Regional Coordination Meeting in addition to the training. The meeting will discuss AMSI's organizational work program and the plan for the next year.

"For the Rakorwil, AMSI Sumatera Region will plan for the next year and at the same time advocate to the Regional Government to give attention to AMSI member media," explained AMSI Sumatera Regional Coordinator Muhammad Zuhri.

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