Batam Recorded 78 Thousand Foreign Tourist Visits During September

Batam Recorded 78 Thousand Foreign Tourist Visits During September

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Batam, Batamnews - Badan Pusat Statistik or BPS (BPS- Central Statistics Agency) of Batam City, Riau Islands, recorded foreign tourist visits in September 2022, reaching 78,498 people. This number has increased compared to August 2022.

Meanwhile, the number of foreign tourist visits in August 2022 reached 60,249 people. Of the thousands of foreign tourists in September, tourists from Singapore dominated more than other countries. The number of foreign tourists from Singapore is 47,932 people.

Then 10,118 tourists from Malaysia, 3,075 from India, 1,365 from China, 1,195 from the Philippines, 616 from the UK, 564 from the United States, 554 from Australia, 429 from Japan, and 193 tourists from Germany.

The increase of tourists visiting Batam City during September 2022 came from Batam Center Ferry Port, Nongsa Pura Port, Harbourbay Ferry Port, and Hang Nadim International Airport.

Batam Center Port Operations Head, Armayadi, said the number of passengers is starting to normalize as before the Pandemic. 

"The average passenger is 3,200 who depart. Arrivals are also more or less. The normal was 5,000 to 6,000 people," he said at Batam Center Port.

He said there are currently 45 departure trips for both Singapore and Malaysia routes. Starting from 06.00 WIB in the morning to 09.45 WIB at night from Singapore.

"For people who want to travel can directly check the departure requirements with each ship operator," he concluded.

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