Batam Is on Alert of the New Corona Omicron and Delta Plus Variants

Batam Is on Alert of the New Corona Omicron and Delta Plus Variants

Head of the Batam Health Office (Dinkes), Didi Kusmarjadi.

Batam, Batamnews - The spread of the new Corona variant from Africa has become a new threat to the world, including in Batam, Riau Islands.

The potential for the entry of a new variant of Covid-19 to Batam is quite high, considering that this city is an area close to neighboring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia.

So far, the B.1.1.529 or Omicron variant has not been detected in Batam's two closest neighboring countries.

Related authorities in Batam have prepared a strategy to anticipate. Moreover, another variant that is no less vicious, namely Delta Plus, has been detected in Malaysia.

Head of the Batam Health Office (Dinkes), Didi Kusmarjadi said that until now, the Delta Plus variant has not been found in Batam.

"In Batam, there has been no report from the BTKL (Environmental Health Engineering Center)," said Didi, Saturday (11/27/2021).

Regarding the prevention of the new variant, he explained that at this time he was still doing general prevention.

But the most important thing is prevention when receiving the arrival of Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) who return to the country via Batam.

"Especially those who enter PMI, the quarantine process must be maintained properly," he said.

Then the most important thing is also regarding the implementation of health protocols (prokes), although currently, the Covid-19 case is sloping, still have to maintain prokes.

"The tracing process is in accordance with the standard, 1 case, at least 15 people are traced," he explained.

Meanwhile, Head of Batam Class I Port Health Office (KKP), Achmad Farchanny, said that his party's preparations for monitoring domestic travelers were in line with the latest regulations issued.

These rules are the Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs number 62 of 2021, Circular Letter (SE) of MenPAN-RB number 13 of 2021, and SE of MenPAN-RB of number 26 of 2021.

"Technically, we are still waiting for directions from the national task force," he said.

Meanwhile, the supervision of the arrival of international travelers will continue to run according to the current procedures.

However, regarding restrictions on international travelers from countries infected with the Delta Plus and B1.1.529 variants, his party is still waiting for the direction of the central government.

"We are still waiting for directions from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the National Task Force," he said.

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