Oxley Apartment Project Change Into One Avenue After the Failure, Consumers Report to DPRD

Oxley Apartment Project Change Into One Avenue After the Failure, Consumers Report to DPRD

Batam, Batamnews - An Oxley Convention Batam consumer, Purwandhani Prananingrum, felt aggrieved. He also reported to the Batam DPRD.

This was allegedly related to the purchase of units in an integrated area project and apartments in the Sei Panas area, Batam Center, Batam, Riau Islands.

Currently, the project location has changed its name to One Avenue. While the Oxley project was expected to fail miserably.

Information obtained by Batamnews, Oxley, and One Avenue has different ownership structures. However, there is still the old owner in the One Avenue line under PT Wiwoa Miti Karya Batam.

Since several years ago there has been no significant development at the project site. This was because the project development contractor from Singapore was suspected of being involved in a scandal and conspiracy in the construction.

The development of this two-hectare area was originally planned to include apartment buildings, shophouses, and offices.

It is reported that many prospective buyers are interested and have deposited their money to own an apartment in this strategic location. However, no progress has been made so far.

According to the agenda, Commission, I of the Batam Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) will hold a Hearing Meeting (RDP) related to the Oxley Conversion City apartment purchase agreement, Tuesday (31/8/2021).

The notification letter for the RDP number: /170/H.K.I/VII/2021 was signed by the Chairman of Commission I of the Batam DPRD, Budi Mardiyanto, and acknowledged by the Chairman of the Batam City DPRD, Nuryanto.

The letter stated that the meeting will be held in the Batam City DPRD Commission I meeting room, Batam Center by implementing health protocols.

The meeting will discuss the purchase agreement for the Oxley Conversion City apartment in tower B units 12-27 on behalf of Purwandhani Prananingrum.

In the meeting, the Batam City DPRD will invite several stakeholders such as the Head of Batam City DPM-PTSP, BP Batam Land Management Director, Batam City National Agricultural Agency Head, PT Oxley Batam Leader, PT Wiwoa Leader, Person in Charge of One Avenue Marketing Manager, Sales Marketing Oxley, and Purwandhani Prananingrum.

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